Saturday, October 19, 2013

adidas Revolutionises the Running Watch

In November 2013, adidas will launch miCoach SMART RUN, the most advanced and intuitive wrist based running device on the market. For the first time, runners of all abilities will be able to track their runs using GPS mapping, monitor their heart rate off their wrist, listen to their favorite music and get real-time coaching – all in a single yet simple, color touch screen running watch.

Adidas miCoach Smart Run Watch

There are no cables, straps and additional sensors with this unique all-in-one device; SMART RUN uses optical technology to track your heart rate from your wrist. An in-built accelerometer counts every step so you can monitor your stride rate. GPS tracks your speed, distance and logs your route and, a MP3 player with Bluetooth® wireless audio delivers music and audible coaching guidance, delightfully solving those problems of flailing headphone cables and music players. 

adidas Revolutionises the Running Watch
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