Thursday, March 26, 2015

INSIDE VIEW: How Camp Nou gets ready for EL CLÁSICO

Find out how our stadium gets ready for an event so important. From keeping the changing rooms ready, to security or welcoming more than 160 media outlets from all over the world, among other preparations.

INSIDE VIEW: F.C. Barcelona - Real Madrid... by fcbarcelona

The importance of a game such as the one we witnessed last weekend is massive. But we aren’t usually aware of all the things that must be carried out so that everything works. And that is because El Clásico can generate so much around it…

In this video, we will show you a chronological timeline of the preparations that were required so that Camp Nou could be ready for everything that was about to happen. The way the stand mosaic prints were distributed to be displayed as the teams jumped into the field, or the amount of people involved in every detail that made everything work out. You don’t get to see these things every day, Barça Fans. Don’t miss it!